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Where Utah Landscapes Bloom with French Flair

Red flowers

Designing Utah’s Great Reblooming

What if the future is bright for our ecosystem? What if we can save it? Imagine working with nature to make Utah bloom!

Our Services


Turn your yard, strip, or special space into an oasis of color and fragrance with our custom design services that are only limited by your imagination. 

Just need a little French flair on the curb? Let’s turn the Wasatch Front into the world’s largest rose garden one parking strip at the time.That’s our Flip Your Strip option. 

Whatever your needs, we’ll help you reduce your water needs by up to 90% and direct more water into the soil with beautiful native shrubs, plants, and flowers.


Benefits of Flip Your Strip:

  • Your new low-maintenance design requires a lot less work than turf.
  • Save water and money thanks to your new strip using 87-94% less water.
  • Each step of the process is naturalorganic, and pet-safe
  • You may quality for a rebate.
  • We support Mother Nature’s microbiology, not work against her.
  • A 10 ft. strip replacement lowers temperatures at night, lessening urban heat islands. 
  • Not every rose has a thorn and with our unique designs they’re safe for the rambunctious 2- and 4-leggers. 
  • Installation in one day after the initial consult.


Our custom landscaping design services can turn any yard, strip, or special nook into a breathtaking respite brimming with vibrant colors and enchanting fragrances. Whether the project involves sprawling acres or a cozy patio, Perfume Punk is ready to collaborate to bring your garden fantasy to life.

Bespoke Designs

Your imagination is our blueprint. Our landscapers ensure each plant reflects your style and needs.

Dynamic Spaces

Whether you’re looking for serene meditation gardens, a countryside meadow, or a fragrant cutting garden, we sculpt your land to fit your lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Options

Sustainability is at the heart of our designs. We’re experienced in crafting eco-conscious gardens that thrive with minimal environmental impact.

Flexible Installation

If you prefer to plant and build your dream garden with your own hands, we empower you to do so with our expertly crafted designs.

Additional Services


Cultivate your dream yard that reflects sophistication and a commitment to eco-conscious living with luxe hydroseeding. Our process ensures that elegance meets environmental stewardship just outside your door. Applied as a wet slurry, hydroseeding is an efficient way to seed a high-quality, guilt-free yard in either lush, soil-enriching clover or countryside meadow.

  • Beauty Revealed: Meadow hydroseeding can be completed in 3 sessions, giving you a beautiful mix of colors and grasses.
  • Fuller Coverage: No patches or bare spots; enjoy complete, uniform growth and thickness.
  • Solid Erosion Control: Our hydroseeding offers superior erosion control, making it ideal for managing sloping landscapes or preventing washout during spring snow melt.
spraying hydroseed

About Perfume Punk

Perfume Punk is a highly regarded landscaping firm specializing in engineered, water-efficient, low-maintenance, and cost-conscious rose gardens, parking strips, and yard transformations for residential and commercial clients. We’re committed to creating a sustainable and vibrant Utah landscape by nurturing roses while combatting climate change.

As it turns out, the Wasatch Front climate is perfect for growing roses. We’re home to 90% of the world’s rose oil and we’d love to see our Utah landscapes bloom with colorful and fragrant living gardens.

At the helm of Perfume Punk is President Mark Mason Taylor, a consulting rosarian among other accolades [link to Awards & Certification page when live], who wants nothing more than to craft your dream garden while also making your home cooler, more beautiful with 90% plant coverage, and bring 94% water savings to this desert oasis, one landscape at a time.

Welcome to Perfume Punk, where Utah landscapes bloom with French flair.

Mark Taylor holding red rose

Awards & Certifications

Beautiful Garden Design from Recognized Experts

Share your floral fancies with Perfume Punk and then watch your sustainable garden grow. Recognized by numerous organizations as the expert in water-efficient and low-maintenance landscapes, you’ll have direct access to:

  • QWEL certified staff
  • The only QWEL-certified rosarian in the United States
  • Winner of the 2023 Rising Star Award from the American Rose Society
  • Utah Water Savers and Localscapes partner

President Mark Mason Taylor’s role as an evaluator for the American Rose Trials for Sustainability program at the Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan, Utah, is further testament to Perfume Punk’s commitment to sustainability.

Perfume Punk’s Rose Revolution

Cultivating Climate Change

“Roses use 50% less water than grass. The rose isn’t just our national floral emblem; it’s a powerful weapon to combat climate change.”

Mark Mason Taylor, the visionary behind Perfume Punk, is on a mission to prove that roses are not just ornamental—they are a force of nature in the fight against climate change. With an eco-conscious approach and an eye for the exquisite, Taylor hopes to transform Utah landscapes with this storied flower.
Through Taylor’s accreditations, Perfume Punk offers clients access to thousands of rose varieties, including more than 6,000 vintage roses. These aren’t your garden-variety roses (excuse the pun)—Taylor’s curated collection includes rare varieties, some thornless, others resembling different kinds of flowers. There are even unusual fragrances from sweet to spicy, fresh to complex, and everything in between. It’s this vast palette of possibilities that Taylor offers those eager to transform their landscapes into rose-inspired respites of beauty, sustainability, and fragrance.

Last year we saved our clients 8 million gallons of water!

Our products are specifically designed for the Wasatch Front climate to naturally and safely bring your landscape to life.

  • Lowwater lawn mixes
  • Weed mitigation
  • Seed mixtures

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