The American Rose Society promotes the culture, preservation, and appreciation of the rose through education and research. As a leading authority in the floral world, the American Rose Society offers beautiful resources for rose enthusiasts and stands as a bastion for the horticultural future of America’s gardens.

The roots of the American Rose Society run deep, intertwining with centuries-old traditions of cultivating and appreciating the rose. Read on to learn more about the benefits of belonging to the society or consulting with a professional in the horticultural community who understands the broad advantages of landscapes blooming with colorful and diverse rose gardens.

The Nectar of Knowledge: Spreading the Scent of Excellence

Why does it matter if your trusted landscaper is a member of the American Rose Society? The reasons are as diverse as the petals of the countless rose varieties they encounter. A landscaper steeped in the ethos of the American Rose Society brings a bouquet of advantages to their craft:

  • Enhanced Expertise: An American Rose Society-member landscaping professional operates at the vanguard of rose knowledge, skillfully tending to the complexities of varied species. They are privy to a treasure trove of expert advice, from top-notch consulting Rosarians and evaluators for the American Rose Trials for Sustainability program to a database of renowned publications. With 125 years of research and rose-growing science, the American Rose Society is the leading archive of rose learning and education.
  • Quality Assurance: Membership signals a commitment to professional development, assuring you that your chosen landscaper is dedicated to floral excellence.
  • Conservation Efforts: The American Rose Society is dedicated to preserving rare and heritage roses, protecting nature’s delicate creations with care.
  • Community Ties: Through an American Rose Society connection, members can reach out to a vast network of fellow professionals, enriching their practice with collective wisdom as well as having access to roses others don’t.

What Roses Say About Your Yard

Here’s a colorful look at what roses can tell you and your landscaper about your habitat.

  • Rose bushes tell tales through their roots, and the stories always begin with soil preferences. Alkaline or acidic, loamy or sandy, roses speak their needs, and a skilled green thumb knows how to interpret and accommodate them.
  • Pollinators, whether bees or birds, also help weave the rose’s story through a spectacle of color and tenacity.
  • And when it comes to the rose’s adversaries, an American Rose Society-informed landscaper is well-prepared to fight thrips, mites, botrytis, and more to ensure your garden is healthy and beautiful.

A Rosy Future

Whether you’re a rose lover, a burgeoning gardener, or an established landscaping professional, the American Rose Society is an ally to all things fragrant and beautiful. It’s a partnership that every rose lover should cultivate, to ensure their gardens—and their clientele—blossom beautifully. With the continued devotion, shared wisdom, and experiences of the American Rose Society, the future rose gardens of America can flourish with the careful tending of these thorny beauties.