Cultivating Climate Change with Roses

Roses are an amazing species. They’re naturally waterwise, consuming 50% less water than turf. With their ability to reach maturity in just three years, they offer more carbon sequestration than a forest.

Roses are more than just ornamental though—they’re essential elements in creating resilient landscapes for the future and that’s why Perfume Punk includes lots of roses in our designs—to serve as the basis of a sustainable ecosystem that requires little maintenance from homeowners. Our approach aims to transform Utah’s landscapes by integrating these storied flowers to combat climate change.

Through Perfume Punk, clients can access thousands of rose varieties, including over 6,000 vintage roses as well as the knowledge and training of American Rose Society professionals. With this diverse palette, Perfume Punk creates fragrant landscapes that also cultivate climate change.

water wise yard with roses

Wholesale Roses

Bask in the Beauty of Variety

Perfume Punk is able to procure wholesale roses, providing businesses and residential clients with access to a diverse selection of premium blooms. From classic varieties to rare finds, our curated collection numbers in the thousands. Each rose is carefully selected for its quality, beauty, and fragrance. Perfume Punk’s rose access is unmatched.
wholesale roses a favorite variety gene boerner