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Let a Professional Landscaper Infuse Color, Texture, and Sustainability into Your Yard

Lush landscaping and vivid flower beds are quintessential elements of a captivating home garden, but the modern homeowner seeks more than just aesthetics. They desire outdoor spaces that contribute to sustainability efforts while blending color, texture, and...

Custom Landscaping Designs

SO YOU WANT SOMETHING A LITTLE BIT MORE... Maybe you want something a bit bigger than your parking strip. Or you're a large organization or business. Or you live outside Perfume Punk's service area. Or you want us to design the garden and you to install it. If so, a...

Flipping Your Strip

FLIPPING STRIPS IS OUR BREAD AND BUTTER. ​ Here are some benefits: Perfume Punk is QWEL certified, and a Utah Water Savers and Localscapes partner. You may quality for a rebate. Low-maintenance. Perfume Punk's design require way less work than turf. Water wise. Your...

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